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Integrated Supply Chain & Business Management Platform

Q-Hawk : Your Business Companion

Manufacturing | Distribution | Retail Chain

Your Benefits

  • Real-time visibility of supply chain
  • Forecast sales & profit accurately
  • Collaboration with partner firms
  • Improved customer relationship
  • Multi-channel sales fulfillment
  • Reduced operational cost
  • Access information from anywhere
  • Intelligent business guidance
  • Optimized inventory & processes
  • Traceability of sales and delivery

How It Works

  • Collaborate supply chain units
  • Connect customers & suppliers
  • Integrate partners ERP/CRM
  • Central management of information
  • Access information in mobile
  • Real-time information exchange
  • Automation business processes
  • Prediction marketing & sales trends
  • Tasks based workflow management
  • Notify all stakeholders

Why Q-Hawk

  • Technology Platform for SME
  • Affordable, risk free & scalable
  • It integrates your data sources
  • Leverage your existing IT systems
  • Drive more sales and revenue
  • Reduce your business expenses
  • Diagnosis your business problems
  • Enable you for decision making
  • Act as your business assistant
  • Consultants will help to achieve result


Collaborated Business Units

Collaborate with business units such as marketing, warehouse, production, sales & delivery. All departments will be well integrated for higher speed and efficiency. Manual interactions will be minimal. Information will be centrally managed and various departments will have access to respective information via secure channels, even remotely.

Connected Partner Firms

Connect branches, franchisees and dealers into single platform for higher visibility and real-time access of operations. Information exchange will become real-time and interactions will become more transparent. Centralized information management will make the business to expand faster. Same time partner firm can function independently.

Integrated Supply Chain

Purchase, sales and delivery among partner firms in supply chain made faster and efficient. Manual or Traditional way of interactions are eliminated. Hence, business will benefit from reduced business expenses and delay of operations. Same time business can achieve higher speed, transparency, customer satisfaction and competency.

Diagnosis the Problems

Anomalies in the supply chain and operations can be easily detected, diagnosed for better performance. Inefficiencies and problems can be easily analyzed with the help of experts who can also be connected to the platform. Real-time analysis and prediction will guide the business to achieve the goals by overcoming the challenges.

Strong Customer Relationship

Access to new and existing customer base to establish strong relationship and interactions. Your business will have seamless 24x7 association with your customers, hence you would know their likes, dislikes and concerns for offering them better products and services. Customers will be directly connected with your business units with better traceability.

Productive Workforce

Workforce will be well connected with your information system, so that they can serve your vendors and customers much better way. Workforce will be able to access their performance indicators and incentives, so that they will be kept motivated and more productive. Operations are automated to improve the operational efficiency and reduce delay.

Centralized Information Management

Master information data like Product/Service catalogues, supplier, customers, inventory etc can be managed centrally. This set of information can be shared or transferred across supply chain to work as single unit with suppliers, customers and fellow business units. This system will be the single source of truth for all internal and external functional units.

Value chain for competency

Value chain creation will make the business growth sustainable with adequate profit margin and more retained happy customers. Q-Hawk will help the business to derive various value chain generation to attract more customers and keep the existing customers happy to have more sustainable growth. Also, this will improve the brand awareness and market share.

Effective Multi-Channel Sales

Easily manage orders from field force, dealers, retail stores, e-commerce etc in one place. Collaborate different departments for collecting, approving, processing, billing and delivery of customer orders. Simple workflows can ensure approvals and checks. Customers and respective business units will get visibility and notifications on processing stages.

Stock Optimization & Traceability

Your business will have to match increasing supply volumes and product ranges to customer demand while keeping overall costs down. Inventory optimization and traceability can have a staggering impact on supply chain performance, resulting in the reduction of company cash in inventory, which affects the balance sheet and improves cash flow.

Manage Business from Anywhere

Your limited human resources will be equipped to access business information and manage various operations from anywhere in the world. Customer interactions, stock movements, purchase, order fulfillment, approvals etc can be managed remotely when you are away from office. Your stores, branches, franchisees & warehouses can be monitored remotely.

Business Intelligence & Predictions

Real-time analytical and graphical reports at your mobile devices. Platform can provide business intelligence on right volume of purchase, marketing trends, sales forecast, workforce productivity, operational efficiency, financial performance etc for quick business decisions. Intelligence will keep your inventory clean and operational cost minimal.

Our Pricing

Business Essential

Rs 4000 Year

Rs 400 Month

Single User
  • Essential Features
  • Fit for micro enterprises
  • SMS/Email Integration
  • E-Commerce Integration Enabled
  • Dealers/Vendors Integration
1 Month Free Trial
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Micro Enterprise

Rs 3000 User/Year

Rs 300 User/Month

Up To 10 Users
  • Essential Features
  • Fit for small enterprises
  • E-Commerce Integration Enabled
  • ERP Integration Enabled
  • Dealers/Vendors Integration
1 Month Free Trial
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Small Enterprise

Rs 2000 User/Year

Rs 200 User/Month

Up to 25 Users
  • Essential Features
  • Fit for medium enterprises
  • E-Commerce Integration Enabled
  • ERP Integration Enabled
  • Dealers/Vendors Integration
1 Month Free Trial
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Medium Enterprise

Rs 1000 User/Year

Rs 100 User/Month

25+ Users
  • Essential Features
  • Fit to medium & large enterprises
  • E-Commerce Integration Enabled
  • ERP Integration Enabled
  • Dealers/Vendors Integration
1 Month Free Trial
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* Account Setup & Configuration fee is Rs. 5000
* Training, Onboarding & Support is Rs. 10000
* 18% GST will be applied on the final price