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Q-Hawk : Remote Control To Your Business

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Access Realtime Business Information Anytime and Anywhere

Let you be the owner or manager or sale executive of the business, accessing the real-time business information such as customers, catalogues, stock, orders, quotations, transactions etc. are very important to take appropriate decisions and move quickly. Q-Hawk is a quick business solution to give you remote access to any such information at your finger tips. Q-Hawk can help you to collaborate with your team, business units, vendors and ERP to get such information at your convenience. This automate your business processes and improve the opreational efficiency.

Unique Features

Mobile Based
Access and Manage your business data and reports anywhere, anytime.

Collaborate with your team members and other vendors easily

Centralized Inventory
For warehouses, stores, and e-commerce

Product Catalogue
Pictorial as well as Price listing representations.

Order Taking
Through sale staff, field executives, e-commerce, telephone

Share Quotations
Prepare quotation in no time (from anywhere) & share with your customer

Billing from office or field. Print receipts, SMS receipts & Email receipts are available.

Payment Collection
Collect and Track payments against outstanding bills to avoid leakage

Business Reports
Analytical and graphical reports at your fingertips regularly

Task Assignments
Assign tasks to team and monitor the progress

Incident/Request Tracking
Record and track requests/incidents from team members, customers, and vendors.

IT System Integration
Q-Hawk can be easily integrated with existing IT systems like ERP, CRM etc.

What We Do

We help MSMEs to do their business quickly and cost-effectively. They can easily collaborate with team members, departments and vendors to access the business information real-time on their mobile devices. It is a remote control for business to act quickly on orders, quotations to do more businesses through various channels(offline, warehouse, e-commerce etc).

Why Q-Hawk

Q-Hawk is the REMOTE-CONTROL of business owners and managers. QUICK decision and ACTIONS in business make it profitable. Q-Hawk provide such decision making information at your fingertips and enable you to take actions from anywhere.


  • 1. Mobile device as a remote-control to the business
  • 2. 100% subsidized price for microenterprises
  • 3. Sufficient and Flexible Trial periods
  • 4. Pay as per your usage
  • 5. Continuous support and maintenance

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