About Q-Hawk

Q-Hawk is a technology platform for enterprises to form collaborative business environment for higher growth and revenue. The collaborative model connects all trading partners, strategic partners, workforce and consumers on to single platform for achieving big business growth targets. This enable all partners in the platform to work towards common goals. Also it empowers the business to achieve real-time visibility throughout their supply chain, ability to forecast and trace the demand and supply effectively. The platform helps them to detect the inefficiency in business processes to apply corrective measures for achieving optimal performance and efficiency. Many business organizations are leveraging the platform for deriving the value chain for improving the customer satisfaction level for higher sales and growth. It is also a Business Performance Management(BPM) tool which helps businesses to operate collaboratively with internal and external business functional units to improve their operational efficiency and competency.

Q-Hawk has a built-in business management solution that allows internal business units to connect and operate effectively with other stake holders like suppliers, customers, dealers, vendors, branches, franchisees etc. The information management is centralized and it can be accessed by anyone from anywhere through mobile devices in a secured way. Organization's departments that use this technology the most are sales, operations, finance, marketing, IT, and human resources. This integrated platform model enable the organizations to onboard other business partners to work like a business entity.

The platform can connect offline retailers, branches, franchisees, agents, distributors, suppliers, ecommerce, online market places like amazon, social media,logistics partners etc as various channels of consumer interactions,sales and distribution through diversified channels. Hence business will be empowered to sell wherever the consumers shop. Q-Hawk can also connect internal worforce, IT-systems like ERP, billing softwares, CRM, customer help desk etc to ensure that all business elements are integrated very well for smooth functioning of collaboration.

The platform brings decision makers the tool they can make use of when evaluating potential moves as well as the possibility of collaborative planning because all stakeholders can access and synch the same data. The platform is highly adaptable to specific needs of each particular organization.