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How to make customers happy to do more sales with you

If the company doesn’t deliver the product or service to consumers quickly enough, they are not happy, and the company’s supply chain has failed. Business success hinges on customer satisfaction, so it makes sense supply chain success is also closely tied to happy customers. Here are four customer centric supply chain strategies that will help drive sales by keeping your customers delighted. Recent survey from Q-Hawk team identified few points are very important for all business to keep their customers happy to make more sales.

1) Let your customer get trace-ability of their orders

Communication is an important factor to be taken care in supply chain management when you have multiple business partners involved. When that happens through traditional way of call some staff and keep checking for order, status, delivery, bills specific details it becomes very in efficient and lot of dissatisfaction. This can be easily eliminated via providing customer access to central information system, so that they will have better visibility and trace-ability of the information which they are seeking for.

Order tracking systems paired with your WMS are also critical to building transparency and improving customer satisfaction. Order tracking systems allow users to view when a customer ordered an item and when the item was actually shipped. Most importantly, it allows visibility at the customer level by giving them the ability to track orders online, down to the line item level.

2) Improve on-time delivery

Customers want what they want and they want it fast and on-time. In some situations, clients have no-forgiveness policies. One slip up can cost you a client for good. It is vital to meet promised delivery windows in order to maintain your customers trust and encourage repeat business. Here are four ways companies are improving on-time delivery and consistently fulfilling delivery promises to their customers.

3) Customer Desk

Technology can easily setup a help desk for your customers in a very innovative and affordable way. Customers should be able to reach out the help desk at anytime when they have problems. Also, you should let the customer send their feedback, queries, needs and concerns any point of time and record them systematically, so that proactive actions can be taken upon them. When customer feel that you are reachable at any point of time and their points are taken care well, it will lead to higher customer satisfaction level, hence it can bring more sales and strong leads to your business.

4) Diagnosis of end-to-end supply chain

Review your entire supply chain process to make sure the organization is not optimizing a process at the expense of another part of the organization. For example, we worked with a business that focused on minimizing shipping costs at the expense of holding higher inventories at distribution sites.

Through an end-to-end supply chain analysis and diagnosis procedures, the business can detect the inefficiencies in supply chain. Sorting out the problems and applying right measures can improve the supply chain performance which will lead to higher customer satisfaction rate and hence more sales from existing customers. Q-Hawk is an Integrated Supply Chain platform which enables the business organizations to maintain strong customer relationship.